Improve Your Game With These Tips

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Short Game Tips

You can make a short game, or play from less than 100 feet of the pin, or break your golf game. As annoying as it is to make a great shot at the starting point, to play very decent in the middle of the shooting that lands a few feet of green, just screw in approaching a short shot or put! Your grades will be surprisingly better.

Short shots make up 80% of the game

Using corners, bats, and short iron up to nearly 80% of the entire golf game, it will be important to work on this site to see overall improvement. Using short iron, positions, and corners do not require special skill or large muscles.


When you’re wearing it I don’t think you’re wearing it. This is the moment when you have to use power to relax on fire. I trained him, and now you can figure it out, and when you see him hit the ball as you did in training. Operation: Before the flight, practice lining the ball on the grass and push it a few meters; Do this five or six times without swinging again just to get used to contact the ball. Don’t follow, but don’t back down.


To shoot on the ground, open your position and speed through the swing. The most common mistake made by a rookie with a shot or corner is to sit on the goal in the title and then slow down on the backswing. Placing your shoulders while opening your feet, knees, and hips towards the target will not allow you to follow through the fire, which in turn will not give you the lift and air you need to land completely as you intend to land.

Photos of the basement

Bunker shots like a high shot or chip are “feel” projectiles that only improve with hours of training. There is no easy way to improve, although what some marketers are trying to tell you. Photography makes you more efficient, coherent, simple.

Improvement is coming.

If you are a beginner, then improve on putting, configuring, or cutting. Pretend you don’t have a driver and you have to rely on your iron and short iron mainly to make the game. Improving with your short game will do wonders for your results. The more he flies in that part of the game, the less he cares where the player ends up. Once you get really good at a short game, then you can go to work on hitting these huge scary inspirational shots at the starting point.

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