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4 Game Tips To Improve Your Skills

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There is no sure way to limit your score unless you improve the short game. Try to get to the golf course early and after warming up on the board, be sure to spend 15 to 30 minutes in the short play area and practice the green way.


Don’t focus on the line and improve attitudes, focus more on getting the right fashion speed. Most of the 3 amateur golfers would put more on the front nine again, and this may happen not to feel like a long layup. . Also focus on the low and low of the road.

Keep your weight on your front foot on the back swing

The lead slide passes about 1/3 of the time in the air and 2/3 rolling towards the hole. The secret is to get the ball to run as soon as possible. You can use a variety of clubs for this 5 fire iron slot through your corners. The common mistake is golfers to climb or thin the ball or hit the ground behind it. All these errors are the result of incorrect execution. There are 3 things you need to do to make sure the correct settings are very simple.

Position of the ball

The golf ball should be in the middle of your position, if it’s too far, you’ll go down or shoot left. Too far in position and you can reload, stem or slide to the right. So keep it in place no matter which club you are using.

Weight distribution

Always be sure to put about 75% of your weight on your front foot (hole closer to your foot). This ensures that you press the ball. Also make sure that this weight stays around swinging on your swing again.

Fist down at the club

If you take the tree a little, you will make sure that the cleanest strike has dominated the effect.


The club president must remain weak on the pitch after the collision.

The maximum air time should be 2/3 in the air and 1/3 rolling towards the hole which is the opposite of the fire chip. These shots can be played in a huge corner, corner of the arena or corner ring.

Fire works so that you have maximum air time needs good technique. Again, it’s not hard to get if it’s set up correctly. After going down through the ball gives maximum emission time. Many golfers try to finish thinking high and this will lift the ball in the air, but the results are only on top or hit behind the ball. Prepare as a chip with a ball in the middle of your position and 75% of the weight on your front foot. The club’s grip on the handle to the end of the grip indicates the left half of the leg. Be sure to keep your weight on your feet before swinging (don’t move your weight) and stay close to the ground after the collision. Try this and see the big difference in consistency of the ball and travel.

Basement Game

Be sure to get a full refund.

Most golfers are afraid of a thin ball and shoot the ball straight in front of the celebration or let it hold quickly and go too far. For this reason, most golfers slow down the swing and barely move the ball at all. With this correct technique, he makes sure the club president swings to the bottom of the swing which allows him to bounce off the only club to influence the sand in the right corner.

Position of the ball

Place the ball in front of your left heel to allow the club president to be greedy in the ring, in fact not upstairs.

Weight transfer

Prepare with 75% of the weight on the front foot, and make sure the grip ends points towards the belt buckle. Do not move the weight around the swing, keeping the weight on your front foot. Without a cache of fire, try to hit the sand and not the ball.

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